Cornerstone is committed to a God-glorifying, gospel-centered, bible-based approach to giving counsel. Our desire is for those we counsel to live in such a way that God is honored through their attitudes and actions. For this to happen, we believe that the gospel and its implications must be brought to bear in their lives. This is clearly the biblical pattern and it is our desire, as we embrace the sufficiency of scripture, to follow such an approach when giving counsel.

We believe that counseling can occur in a number of forums. God speaks to his people as we gather every Sunday in corporate worship and when we fellowship in smaller groups. It is, therefore, important for those needing counsel to avail themselves to these ministries. We also understand that, from time to time, folks need specialized counseling in order to address personal issues. Our leadership team, headed by our pastor of counseling, is here to help such people. Anyone would be welcome to contact the church office to make such needs known. Our pastor of counseling will then arrange for such counseling needs to be tended to.

It is also important to know that we prioritize counseling for those who are members of Cornestone. While we will be happy to meet non-members once, it is our expectation that such folks be on the path toward membership if we are to continue investing counseling time in them. It is our desire to honor the Lord with our stewardship of time and giving priority to those who are members seems to us to be the path of wisdom.

For more information on receiving counsel from the pastoral staff, you can email Karlos Limtiaco, Pastor of Counseling, or Contact Us.