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Year: 2009


Taking Advantage of Your Leaders

Mike BerryDecember 27, 2009
series: The Churchdownload

Angel to Joseph – Virgin conception & Birth

Milton VincentDecember 20, 2009
series: Christmas NarrativesMatt. 1:18-25download

Gospel Churchmanship

Milton VincentDecember 13, 2009
series: The Churchdownload

Seeing Jesus in Your Family

Charles MorrisDecember 6, 2009
series: The ChurchJohn 21:1-14download

Some Benefits of Thanksgiving

Milton VincentNovember 29, 2009
series: Selected Scripturesdownload

Lessons on Thanksgiving from 1 Timothy

Milton VincentNovember 22, 2009
series: Selected Scripturesdownload

Relational Conflict

Karlos LimtiacoNovember 15, 2009
series: OtherJames 4:1-10download

Moving from “Snippy” to Parakaleo

Milton VincentNovember 8, 2009
series: Selected Scripturesdownload

Moving from “Snippy” to Parakaleo

Milton VincentNovember 8, 2009
series: Selected Scripturesdownload

Becoming a Christ-like Community

Carlos CuellarNovember 1, 2009
series: OtherColossians 3:12-14download

Being an Instrument of Change

Milton VincentOctober 25, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 5:1-2download

Timothy’s Gift

Milton VincentOctober 18, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 4:14-15download

Heads Up Pastoring

Milton VincentOctober 11, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 4:13, 16download

The Role Pastors Play in Your Sanctification

Milton VincentSeptember 27, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 4:11-13 download

The God We Hope In

Milton VincentSeptember 20, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 4:10bdownload

Achieving Godliness

Milton VincentSeptember 13, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 4:7-10download

What You Can Do to Help this Church

Milton VincentSeptember 6, 2009
series: OtherRomans 11:36-12:8download

Preventing Apostasy

Milton VincentAugust 30, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 4:6-7download


Mike BerryAugust 23, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 4:1-5download

What It Means to Pray in Jesus’ Name

Milton VincentAugust 16, 2009
series: Otherdownload

A Biblical Understanding of the Church

Karlos LimtiacoAugust 9, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 3:14-15download

Growing in Love for Jesus

Karlos LimtiacoAugust 2, 2009
series: OtherLuke 7:36-50download

Deacon Qualifications

Karlos LimtiacoJuly 26, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 3:8-10, 12-13download

What Serving Well Looks Like

Milton VincentJuly 19, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 3download

The Service that Blessing requires

Milton VincentJuly 12, 2009
series: Timothydownload

Preparing for & Handling the Blessing of God

Milton VincentJuly 5, 2009
series: Timothydownload

Toward a Theology of Corporate Worship Space

Mike BerryJune 28, 2009
series: The Churchdownload

Counsel for Women on Father’s Day

Milton VincentJune 21, 2009
series: Father's Day1 Timothy 3:11download

More Discoveries at the Cross

Milton VincentJune 14, 2009
series: Selected Scripturesdownload

Discoveries at the Cross

Milton VincentJune 7, 2009
series: Selected Scripturesdownload

The Glory of God in the Face of Christ

Jay WegterMay 31, 2009
series: Other2 Cor. 4:4-6download

Purchased with Blod

Milton VincentMay 24, 2009
series: Otherdownload

Preventing Falling Pastors

Milton VincentMay 17, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 3:3b, 6-7download

A Vision for Men on Mother’s Day

Milton VincentMay 10, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 3:4download

What God Requires of Your Pastors Part 3

Milton VincentMay 3, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 3:2download

What God Requires of Your Pastors Part 2

Mike BerryApril 26, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 3:2download

What God Requires of Your Pastors

Milton VincentApril 19, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 3:1-2download

Jesus is Risen: Come & See Him!

Milton VincentApril 12, 2009
series: EasterMatthew 28:1-20download

Elder Qualifications: Above Reproach

Karlos LimtiacoApril 5, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 3:2-3download

What Everyone Should Know about Pastors & Pastoring

Milton VincentMarch 29, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 3:1-7download

The Call and Character of an Elder

Karlos LimtiacoMarch 22, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 3:1-7, 10download

Mopping Up

Milton VincentMarch 15, 2009
series: Timothy1Timothy 2:11-15download

The Gospel Inheritance of Women

Milton VincentMarch 8, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timotht 2:15download

What God Wants for the women Part 3

Milton VincentMarch 1, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 2:11-15download

Man as Male and Female

Mike BerryFebruary 22, 2009
series: Roles of Men and Womendownload

What God Wants from the Women Part 2

Milton VincentFebruary 15, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 2:11download

What God Wants from the Women Part 1

Milton VincentFebruary 8, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 2:9-10download

What God Wants from the Men

Milton VincentFebruary 1, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 2:8download

Motivated by the Gospel

Karlos LimtiacoJanuary 25, 2009
series: Timothy1Timothy 2:5-7download

Living Under the Obama Administration

Milton VincentJanuary 18, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 2:1-4download

Dealing with Sin in Another

Milton VincentJanuary 11, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 1:20download

A Strategy for a Successful Year

Milton VincentJanuary 4, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 1:18-20download