Genesis Bible Study Pt. 1: The Creation

This study is designed for individuals, households, and Care Group worship.

This study can be implemented in various ways. The members of each household can study individually and then discuss together the things they are learning. Another approach is for the members of the household to answer the questions together. While the study is divided into different days, any given household might choose to complete the study together in one sitting. While it is encouraged that thought be given to every question we have italicized key questions should you feel that your time is limited. Please feel free to utilize this study in a way that serves you best.

Part of the purpose in creating this resource is to link together the three key venues through which we experience spiritual growth - home, Care Groups, and Sunday service. Our ability to thrive in each of these venues is essential to our overall growth as a body. We are confident that the strengthening of our households will in turn greatly benefit our Care Group experience. Our coming together as a larger body should then result in an outburst of praise to our God who alone is worthy. In linking these key venues together, we anticipate significant and measurable growth in the lives of our people. We are deeply appreciative that you are along with us for this journey from brokenness to wholeness through the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Study Guides






Study #1
Days of Creation 


The Great God
Gen. 1:1-5 


Study #2
Day Three of Creation 


Creating Earth
Gen. 1:6-13


Study #3
Day Four of Creation

  Let There be Lights
Gen. 1:14-19

Study #4
Days Five and Six of 
PDF       Word 

  God Makes Animals
Gen. 1:20-25

Study #5
Day Six of Creation 
PDF       Word 

  God Makes Man Gen. 1:26-27

Study #6
Day Six of Creation
PDF       Word 


God Creates & Commissions Humankind
Gen 1:27-31


Study #7
Day Seven of Creation
PDF       Word

  God's Finished Work & 7th Day Gen 2:1-3

Study #8
The First Couple
PDF       Word 

  Pre-Fall Man Lavishly Supplied
Gen 2:4-9

Study #9
The First Couple (Pt 2)
PDF       Word 

  Pre-Fall Man: Lovingly Directed
Gen 2:10-14 

Study #10
The First Couple (Pt 3)
PDF       Word 

  Pre-Fall Man: Wonderfully Helped
Gen 2:18-25